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The Best Enemies Money Can Buy

posted by keeb February 18, 2013

A classic interview by Professor Antony Sutton, who taught economics at California State University, and was a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.
In this talk, Prof. Sutton goes into his impeccable research on how a close-knit group of Western financiers and industrialists (centered around Morgan and Rockefeller in the US, and around Milner and the City financiers, in the UK) created and sustained their three supposed enemies right from the very beginning: Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and FDR’s Fabian socialism.

Particularly, he goes into how Wall Street/City of London financiers used their banking institutions and their industrial enterprises to:

1) Help finance and sustain the Bolshevik Revolution. Build up Soviet industry during Lenin’s Five-Year Plans, both through finance, technology/industrial transfers and technical assistance. Continue to build the Soviets throughout the entire Cold War, through the same kinds of deals. This included the Korea and the Vietnam eras, during which American troops were being killed by… Western-made Soviet equipment.

2) Build up Nazi Germany, both financially and industrially;

Sutton was not a wild speculator. He was a distinguished academic researcher who documented his conclusions impeccably in his several works. Not being able to counter his research, the establishment (including academia) simply attempts to ignore it, and pretend it isn’t there.

Antony Sutton has been persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings. His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Sutton showed how the Soviet state’s technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant, to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically the majority of the Soviet’s large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance.

Professor Richard Pipes of Harvard said in his book, Survival Is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future (Simon & Schuster;1984): “In his three-volume detailed account of Soviet Purchases of Western Equipment and Technology . . . [Antony] Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as ‘extreme’ or, more often, simply ignored.”

The report was too much and Sutton’s career as a well-paid member of the academic establishment was under attack and he was told that he “would not survive”.

His work led him to more questions than answers. “Why had the US built-up it’s enemy? Why did the US build-up the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler’s Germany? Why does Washington want to conceal these facts?”

Sutton, following his leads, proceeded to research and write his three outstanding books on Wall Street, FDR, the Rise of Hitler, and The Bolshevik Revolution. Then, someone sent Antony a membership list of Skull and Bones and “a picture jumped out”. And what a picture! A multigenerational foreign-based secret society with fingers in all kinds of pies and roots going back to ‘Illuminati’ influences in 1830’s Germany.




0:02while you are
0:04the research fellow at the hoover institute can you give me basically the
0:08background of the content of these series
0:11yes the uh…
0:12the series i would have been goodwin’s tution stanford university
0:16concerning transfers of western control entry
0:18to the soviet union
0:20and essentially comprises its lead individual books each book covers
0:25a period of time
0:26ends form since nineteen seventy
0:29too many recipients a series of books on wall street
0:33yes uh… these with trade books
0:35in other words that they’re not academic books written for the general public
0:39they concerned at the uh…
0:42buildup of the three types of socialism double-check socialism motion
0:47what we might call welfare socialism in the united states
0:51and uh… hitler in our national socialism
0:53and each book examines
0:55the commencing
0:58the contributions made by wall street but international bankers
1:02to the development of the specific forms which wasn’t
1:05flow in your research and analysis
1:08and your efforts to bring out the facts about what was going on in our society
1:11did you encounter any effort to discourage you to prevent you from
1:15bringing up the
1:17background of america’s involvement
1:19in the financing of international communism
1:23yes very definitely him
1:25for example
1:27when i was a good institution
1:30uh… in nineteen seventy two light went to miami beach to give some testimony
1:34before the uh…
1:36republican national committee
1:38and uh…
1:39although a congressman
1:41hand-delivered to the one services this testimony which was with the content
1:45who are services refused to transmit it to the newspapers who want to go back to
1:49the hoover institution in california
1:53then was called into the office of the director
1:56and uh…
1:57i was a total no uncertain terms not to make any more speeches like that
2:02and that this information should not be made public which was the information
2:06that we were
2:07uh… during our
2:08the status of aging of the technology to develop its war potential his at that
2:12time we were in the we were in vietnam and as you know the soviets was
2:16supplying the north vietnamese this was nineteen seventy eight december two
2:20tender for example
2:21i knew that the gorky plant which was built by the ford motor company
2:26google people to marcia produces the gangs sousa vehicles
2:30figures vehicles have been seen on what you meant right now
2:33we were supplied equipment
2:34to tickle people
2:36in the middle of the vietnamese long
2:38and these talks will be news to carry ammunition supplies which are killing
2:42americans i thought this was not involved in a sense of miami beach
2:45and approvals tution
2:46and was this type of information
2:48uh… peco’s collapsed
2:50tells a lot of actually happened as far as your arteries of the hoover
2:53institution we’re concerned well i didn’t pay much heat to the warnings i
2:58published a book called national suicide and colonia
3:01which uh… the semis la assistance to learn
3:04the soviets at military assistance to the soviets
3:07come when that book came out with a grain mechanistic pressure to stop the
3:12both of those partial book publishers and me personally
3:15and uh…
3:17i couldn’t take less than a few years but i just left group institution since
3:20nineteen seventy five had been an independent author put up any ties
3:25let’s go a little bit of the background of the
3:28financing of
3:29the german war machine that we fought in the period nineteen forty one to
3:33nineteen forty-five
3:35could restart first of all with us
3:37the original financing of hitler between nineteen twenty two in nineteen twenty
3:41three but uh… nineteen uh…
3:43forty three when he was first
3:45making his effort to come into prominence in germany
3:49guju financing include certainly is nineteen twenty two
3:53came a republican kill me
3:56the world was part of the market was concerned with financing and eliza and
4:01we’ve heard henry ford received the medal in nineteen thirty eight
4:04for his assistance to the not supported
4:06and of course
4:07hitler had his attempted pollution uh… nineteen twenty three he went to jail
4:11and then we begin another
4:13and the last paper
4:15ripened course to give actually came to power in nineteen thirty three
4:18off by the electoral process what about the financing of hitler’s shahram
4:23electoral activities in nineteen thirty three
4:25but this is the second trace i have trace devoted exactly
4:29i discovered that amongst nuremberg records they serve as a prank transfers
4:35them to be double cta cobain condolence on account which was out of control
4:39rudolf hess
4:40and this was the format that was used
4:43to freemen script was accessed potter march nineteen seventy three
4:47and amongst the corporations
4:49though that transfer the money to ucla
4:51i finally on she forgot which it which is quite widely known but also
4:56john-john electric eighty g
4:58which is undergoing under the control of general electric and united states who
5:02was at that time
5:04encompass companies like ours ran
5:07you know what was the time between ross relman general electric
5:11we told him it was an issue tienen
5:13the international general electric and united states
5:16had controlling interest in german general electric and also to shot blocks
5:20a controlling interest in bosnia
5:25so that we have
5:26forward and we are general electric helping to finance a doctors worried
5:29about when you have a large american corporations involved over definitely
5:34the standard oil students technical association with ninety four
5:41for example
5:43germany could not have gone to wat in nineteen thirty nine
5:46with at all
5:48tetra that’s going to take a pistol
5:49to raise the octane value
5:51of aviation gasoline generally had not been to doing that
5:55this was developed in the m
5:57in the equal of the vouchers united states and transferred to them
6:02to the germans
6:03poster loyal came up with the hydrogenation idea which was very
6:07sensual for germany in the nineteen th it’s because the to raise the quality of
6:11its gasoline for deviation compasses this was transferred to the nazis
6:16and uh… i_t_t_ for example international talk and talk about
6:20that it was great intimately associated with the nazis as to doctor schwartz
6:25who was head of the uh…
6:27i_t_t_ subsidiaries
6:30and i_t_t_
6:32controlled confidence which may need not only you know
6:37electrical instruments but also the couple
6:39hoopla which made uh… alpine surfrider a pledge
6:43so what you’re suggesting that is that american corporations were helping to
6:47the german industry was building up the war potential
6:51american corporations
6:53only a few
6:55financed a car
6:57they transfer technology
7:01they transferred material assistance for example stops of pick up a little bit
7:05the germans could manufactured on the verge of manufacturing agreement with
7:08the united states
7:10and also their finances for example standard oil commenced in nineteen
7:14thirty three p development of the
7:17gasoline industry and uh… germany which was needed
7:20to cut global took
7:21and that’s a very interesting point could you were a little bit into the
7:24background of
7:25where germany got its oil to fight the second world war because certainly
7:29germany doesn’t have a little resources germany does not have a lovely sources
7:33that’s true
7:34it’s a
7:36used in world war two synthetic
7:37oil which should give them a chipped
7:40got from coal
7:42and at the basic technical processes
7:45for the development of one of nicole came from united states
7:49former essentially from stand-alone patricia
7:51which have his technical assistance agreement with what you call them
7:54because i a chief problem
7:57something by six percent of explosives
8:00needed them
8:01bunch of them are
8:03probably about forty fifty percent of the gasoline needed by the belmont
8:07company jim lovell’s glove
8:10there was no definite airlock between allergy for remote instead of laurel
8:16the into law
8:18ones at the technical level the exchange of patton savers to their financial
8:24technical assistance agreement
8:25there were other in talks with the united states
8:28uh… to subsidiary g problem of the united states
8:32about with standard oil into a lot of technical financial trouble
8:37is it
8:38a fact it’s been stated that they were members of the board of directors
8:41instead of the oil also on the board of directors of america ninety five in
8:48yes uh… won’t have to go
8:50this one
8:51name that comes to mind
8:53there were several though some of the requisite walk with ford
8:55between as you call them and
8:57of america ninety five and then the ford motor company ’em
9:02not but i think all not at all hand
9:08basically what we’re seeing them his american industry
9:11helping to provide the technology helping to
9:15helping to provide the
9:17material that is going to allow hazard to create
9:20his war machine he asked us to it
9:25in your book wall street on the rise of hitler he talked about the bombing
9:29patterns during the second world war ii
9:31and the fact that it was amazing that there were certain factories that we’re
9:35not bomb whereas the majority of the german factories were decimated
9:39germantown factories
9:40there were certain factories that tied into the central or we’ve already
9:43alluded to
9:44for some strange reason seem to escape
9:47the devastation of our saturation bombing
9:51if you want to leave the german
9:54unilateral industry
9:56laws or should have been a pint opt for western bombing
9:59but in practice either
10:02please join john a two plans
10:04uh… of the ten major pumps not one was bombed and a half a dozen others
10:10tracking damage broken windows that kind of thing
10:14what we have here
10:16so interesting chase
10:17paul van endlessly which should have been bombed and what what tool
10:21but was not bomb and yet we have a mountain ownership which raises a
10:25certain amount of suspicion as to why it was not bomb
10:27but as far as the german old
10:30electrical companies debate
10:31um… undergo a rather every bombing
10:33i took a look at the siemens plant for example that they will go on
10:38has a question
10:40but the industry was not commented as a general comment so
10:44simmons for example of a bomb disheveled area
10:46is a templar chore
10:50aviation plots of conscience
10:52you mentioned afford player and cohen
10:54was a supply military target
10:57for clothing clothes should have been a crime ultra target for example a british
11:01air force the will of course did bomb they called plump adequacy in france
11:06but before twenty alone which was made by far the largest pull plugged in
11:10germany was not bomb what what took that there are a military planners intend
11:14above another words without any report as well as i did look at the ailing
11:17reports fourth of the
11:19the plants in cologne
11:21fort was known about
11:23they knew that it was producing equipment for the belmont
11:26uh… but it was not ball
11:27it was scheduled was the target but it was not ball
11:30so somewhere along the line as far as the fighting was concerning the name of
11:34ford motor foreign clone was deleted
11:36any of the city of clone itself was totally decimated
11:40the city of cologne was decimated the as a cause many other citizen journalist
11:45but somewhere along the line
11:49something happen
11:50i suspect it was in the evening commitments
11:54without question orders were sent out not
11:58acidly targets even though these were climb military targets
12:03federal reminiscent of some of the orders that what up during the korean
12:05war some of the orders of a doctor in the vietnamese four
12:09to leave specific targets within the enemy’s domain
12:12untouched by our strategic bombing
12:14understand that was sold a lot numbers to get
12:17fellow in your book
12:19wall street on the rise of hitler
12:21there was one very interesting section
12:23about special fund that heinrich himmler had
12:26and the filing of money from german corporations into this fund even
12:31up into the years nineteen forty three in nineteen forty four
12:34and many of these corporations have strong ties
12:37into the american corporations and deserve the american parent corporations
12:41could you tell us a little bit about the catholic fund at the capitol fun was
12:44also known as the controversy
12:48it was uh… what we might call and commercial personal slush from the use
12:51of his own personal projects
12:55what amazed me was built in nineteen thirty three ended in nineteen forty
12:59four the two days twenty-two years which examined the records
13:05over harper collins came from
13:07among corporations for example
13:09in nineteen thirty three
13:13standard oil
13:14general electric
13:16and uh…
13:17and possibly osram
13:19contributors even in nineteen forty four
13:22in the middle of world war two
13:23we find the i_t_t_ was funneling forms
13:26two hundred hamlet’s father
13:28uh… how you can lose phone so um…
13:32who is the channel
13:33policy uh…
13:35i_t_t_ situation gently we also found that
13:38deposits the
13:39stand or subsidiary
13:41emerge on me
13:42was financing i could come up this is in the middle of world war two
13:46hillary’s fax ever brought up the nuremberg hearings
13:49to never bored out of the number of hearings although the documents do exist
13:54within the year
13:55within the files within the cuts they have not been published for us and i
13:59can you actually have access to these record he has to some four hundred tons
14:02of these records available
14:05and uh… many of them were hoover institution
14:07copies with hoover’s tution
14:09and that’s what hollywood fl documentation
14:13i think it’s a tragic sc part of our history when the american public doesn’t
14:17realize the interplay between the great american corporations
14:20and the financing the funding of nazi movement
14:26i wanted to talk to still have a bit about the nuremberg trials because of
14:29the nuremberg trials the nazis the nazi war criminals the nazi generals will
14:33were held
14:34specifically guilty
14:35for what transpired
14:37whether any americans rom involved many americans
14:43indicted granny americans convicted
14:44as far as the
14:46financing of the nazi war movement
14:48hello definitely not
14:49uh… i looked at the criteria
14:54welcome michael walk war crimes
14:58and there’s no question in my mind that
15:01the seven markers
15:03well fitted
15:04the criteria
15:05which required untied trial
15:08but no my contract have evolved truck
15:10because there is a conscious effort to conceal this fact
15:13both from the member were tribunal in from the american public
15:17close a conscious effort in the fact that
15:19these businessmen won’t go away
15:22problem today and mistaking in nineteen forty six that they had no knowledge
15:27electrical was doing
15:28and yet they’ll intimately involved with the dole doubled
15:31i suspect that this was not published in the media at the time allotment checked
15:36but certainly the the wall off market corporation smug businessmen
15:41invading has not been published
15:43now what about the actual
15:46financing what about the loans from large american banks from large british
15:50to peppers government and that trade between nineteen thirty three and
15:53nineteen thirty-nine whatever was preparing for war we’ve got to go back a
15:57little earlier
15:58and look at one oh no news the heal
16:01loans which are very important because i think they thought about the economic
16:04collapse of germany conceptually that was the uh… well this is all young
16:08cruise was charming john electric
16:10only that he would have a man
16:12who actually made the wounds
16:15as an officer of the united states government which brought about the
16:18collapse of germany nineteen thirty three enabling
16:20it was a takeover
16:22and subsequent to nineteen thirty three
16:24you get a series of alone
16:27with a good one is standard oil
16:30and blown to several million dollars
16:32at least
16:33the to germany to build up its own aviation gasoline facilities
16:38and uh… there are other examples
16:42i think a little bit into the background of the financing of bolshevik because i
16:45think this is vitally important
16:47and we can go back to the period after the end
16:50second revolution which was in
16:52october or november of nineteen seventeen
16:54the initial financing
16:57london’s movement
16:58how to get tired of the american corporations
17:01was there any american involvement in that
17:04between nineteen seventy nine nineteen eighteen when both of ism was just
17:07beginning to get a foothold
17:09in russia
17:10yes there were several
17:12incidence the most important
17:14is one bomb connell uh… one voice com some
17:17who is the largest shareholder and the chase bank which of course today’s chase
17:21manhattan bank
17:22and uh…
17:23i published in one of my books a_t_f_
17:26to cover the cable could
17:27which transferred funds called new york
17:30to partial credit
17:32in december nineteen seventeen
17:34one million dollars because sense
17:37and uh…
17:38consciously made a statement like that
17:39that this one million dollars
17:41was given
17:42to the bolsheviks
17:44to consolidate that they had just begun to take over russia unit controlled most
17:48wanted to go at that time
17:50to paid to the
17:52controllable show virtually in russia
17:54this if i could trace one million dollars among conforms
17:58fill in the markham wall street and immediately to the bullshit
18:02tempted to publish that uh…
18:04document here in wall street realizable citizen
18:07i publish to two statements one has a copy all week it will go in
18:11and the other is a copy of of the
18:14news clip
18:16of the statements made by nicole thompson at that time did he had given
18:20well why wouldn’t american capitalist american financier
18:24help to able to this
18:25the only unanswered
18:27and of course this puzzle me for years
18:29you know why and why because what we understand to be an opposition
18:32and the only ones i can come to
18:34is one of captive markets
18:36that the united states did not want
18:39united states in the world because if you look at the world net
18:42the rush was uh…
18:43to three times larger united states imagine this is another united states
18:46has another competitor to the united states
18:49toward the united states who wanted to call
18:51boss would work
18:55and of course socialism as a captive market because
18:58but earlier studies at stanford university
19:01according to the fact of the social system cannot innovate it’s going to
19:04import innovation in technology
19:05on the west
19:07i think the
19:08statement because
19:10was too
19:12encourage redevelopment of marxism
19:14and other social types of socialism
19:17because this will give
19:19these wall street
19:21control avaible market kept market
19:24at the end of the first world war russia was devastated
19:29and america cept
19:30the relief mission it was the coon permission
19:32do you know when you the facts surrounding the
19:35back stick activities of the hoover commission
19:38well there’s no question that
19:39in nineteen twenty two ninety twenty holly
19:43russia was finished
19:45industrial output was perhaps of eight to ten percent
19:48of uh…
19:49nineteen thirteen because
19:51people starving by the hundreds of thousands
19:53and who have mission was organized cost two
19:56centipede yahoo
19:58to russia
20:00about most of the aid went to the bolsheviks who controlled them
20:04really quite a small part of russia at that time
20:08anyway small part of the aid
20:11at the white russians older the parties
20:13and then after nineteen twenty two nineteen twenty three let me ask you did
20:17something known as the new economic policy
20:20or the series of five-year plans
20:22can you tell us about the five-year plans in the part of the major american
20:25corporations major world corporations played in building up
20:30the soviet union while the two separate to them
20:34faces here they’ve been looking for new economic policy was at the start of
20:37ninety twenty three but lenin
20:40and i’ve calmed and i published as from my first book from stanford
20:44every single russian industry
20:47whose rebuilt
20:48we started about phone corporations
20:51mostly german politicians crunch an american
20:54by nineteen twenty eight
20:56russia was back to approximately its nineteen thirteen
21:00uh… and industrial output
21:02and at that point
21:05should begin to
21:06think of these grandiose five-year plans
21:10in nineteen twenty eight to god’s plan which is to be a russian government
21:14planning commission
21:15actually designed an initial idea plan
21:18about this was thrown out of the inadequate and a modern corporations
21:21will build in
21:22uh… were born into russia
21:24and at the first five year plan and the second idea plan were actually designed
21:28in the united states by mark accomplished
21:31and what were these corporations which one specifically were involved
21:36three design of the uh…
21:39despite your plan
21:40was but corporation
21:42common among the most mohicans album comb
21:45of a column walence
21:47deep almost industrial architect
21:50in united states
21:51and all the corona
21:54the basics off the coast idea plan for the soviets
21:57and them
21:58we coud
22:01the same corporations involved construction
22:05of the plants international general electric
22:11for mona
22:12hercules modem
22:14curtiss wright
22:15in aircraft engines
22:17and even some corporations which today were forgotten about like multi
22:21and transport usual kaufman actress at that time
22:25and somalian corporations came in
22:27and they built lupus ideapad but what was important
22:30the soviets and the cockpit
22:32wins in his accounts will be tremendous rational point
22:35that this initial equipment
22:37animals behind the cockpit
22:39by the hunkered button
22:41ford motor company
22:42they play a part in the building up of the soviet potential voter luke ford
22:46motor company that’ll be cool people
22:48and gawky plant produces the gaz susan pickles as cheesy
22:53and these are trucks and they’re somewhat mcpeak shanda right from the
22:58early nineteen thirties you find
22:59that mediascope has had military potential
23:03and for the new law that when it went in and political viewpoint
23:06and we know it because iphone
23:08statements to this effect within the state department files
23:12soldiers were here that
23:13named zero harem and if you play apartment building up the soviet
23:17very definitely in fact able hanmail net
23:20came out of the soviet union
23:24at a profit
23:25he took over the georgian manganese concessions in the early nineteen
23:29pickup is back at his feet for the soviets and manganese and a m
23:34clinics pool for the soviets and so they were able to salsa board get phone
23:37exchange which ones industrialization
23:40and uh… then they
23:42aboard up to them
23:43carmen about thinking twenty nine
23:45and it will herman
23:47receive this compensation one million dollars more than he put him in the
23:50first place
23:52alvarado armand hammer of occidental petroleum alan hannah is a very
23:56interesting example mohammed
23:58we see the postpone concession in nineteen twenty two
24:02in asbestos daniel malcolm’s
24:05and uh… he also conducted for the soviets
24:07a number of other enterprises blacktown pens and pencils manufacturing for
24:12but on hand was interesting because his father
24:14told a long time in today’s chairman of occidental petroleum corporation
24:18his father
24:19but you wouldn’t happen who nineteen nineteen
24:21the secretary general of the congress party u_s_a_
24:25we are going to be told my books
24:27that at the top level there’s no difference between a top congressman
24:30utah pat personally pick up on one hand
24:33of occidental petroleum
24:35before them
24:36was sector of comes by the recipient in nineteen ninety
24:39so it’s basically a power grab pizza eleven international parkway
24:45during the second world war why russia was pretty well decimated once again by
24:50german forces
24:51what part did
24:52the american at least program
24:54play and building up
24:57industrial capacity after the second world war
25:00well lend-lease build up
25:02cautious capacity of modernized and expanded into during world war two
25:07and it was some continuation always who perhaps in nineteen forty eight nineteen
25:10point nine
25:11there was a program octal employees
25:14which was supposed to be restricted
25:16took foodstuffs and industrial materials but any fact catcher records in the
25:21warehouses and circle maryland
25:23bryant even after world war two
25:25and this was against the intent of congress i suspect
25:28there was a hit massive transfer of the latest industrial equipment to the
25:31soviet union under
25:32the so-called unspoken
25:34fell in nineteen forty eight
25:36there was a fascinating book came out by a major gift racy jordan
25:40in which he talked about
25:43to the communists as far as their ability to build nuclear weapons
25:48did you ever have an opportunity of uh…
25:51verifying the fax that we had given them the heavy water we’ve given the
25:55wherewithal to builder atomic weapons
25:57well as part of the work i was doing them
25:59at stanford
26:00i did investigate the uh…
26:04at the uh…
26:06documents fall in place and i took a sample of these documents i checked
26:10management utility
26:11and uh…
26:13broadly major jordan was correct wouldn’t say about five percent
26:17and do it
26:18making sure the court made the charge
26:20so that we had a ship materials to the soviets nineteen forty four nineteen
26:24forty five which will lead to use melatonin concrete
26:27there is no doubt he is correct
26:29we should have iguana
26:30which is essential
26:31but we ship other items which are perhaps was office to the land and we
26:35should put sample aluminum tubes
26:37pendulum in terms of central photonic energy development
26:40we ship graphite and graphite is not essential component
26:45chart i could
26:47and i checked the original government one-page document
26:51much jordan was correct
26:54well as the years ago by our cars we see a growing soviet nuclear threat
26:59soviets now have
27:00merv missiles when you get a little of the background on how the soviet union
27:04which really didn’t have the technology developed those merv missiles that
27:08threaten our cities today how are they able to develop
27:11summer capacity
27:13well you’ve got to go back and never look at home
27:16the russians were able to develop a rocket
27:18space technology anyway
27:20what they did after world war two
27:22but was markham forces were held back for a while
27:25while the soviets occupied east germany
27:27they stripped east germany
27:29they took back the latest on the v_-two rocket technology from khanum honor
27:32and other places
27:33and agree to became the basis of the russian
27:40cookie skipping the million to mediate into intervening years you will find
27:43when you come to the early on
27:46nineteen seventeen is that the russians did not have the capability to move
27:52and in particular they’ll add to the ability
27:56produce the burning
27:59precision micro miniature ball bearings of that needed for the control systems
28:03there was only one company in the world mantra glad
28:06which could make the machinery
28:08which machines the leases which within which the although intro
28:12and with all those places you just cannot make
28:15moved missiles and any quantity commendable
28:17i think what
28:19one chucking grinder
28:21was allowed to show
28:22to the soviet union forty five-degree missionaries machines have a time
28:26when we only have thirty three united states
28:28granny objection to doing this objective at miami beach in nineteen seventy two
28:33other people trick
28:34but the objections were squashed
28:37and could only have four pillars and occurs in june
28:39an incoming administration incoming administration
28:43paid this was normal
28:45i’m sure it was known in d_o_d_ i know it was a video they don’t know it
28:49the objections of squashed
28:51and was a bit of a suppression of the information
28:53quayle so once again we see america building up the
28:57military capacity of the name nuclear threat from the soviet union wall
29:01moscow’s you know when you talk about moving of muscles you talking about a
29:05quantum view
29:06and a military technology
29:08i’m not a military man
29:09to me
29:10the ability to do that
29:12shahab is a massive leap forward and we enable them to do it and we did it
29:16knowingly and deliver
29:19during the vietnamese war the soviet union in the eastern european satellites
29:22will be primary suppliers of war materials to the north vietnamese were
29:26killing american boys in south vietnam
29:29would you comment on our aid and trade with the soviet union and with the
29:32eastern european satellites during that period of time well there’s no question
29:37the soviets with the time suppliers of military equipment and supplies to the
29:41north vietnamese
29:43let me give an example
29:47american pilots as they flew over the pollution control
29:51described the
29:52trucks available singing as my contracts we won’t be trucks because they came
29:56from the book it’s called
29:57and go up he was billed by henry ford
30:01so you have with a situation where
30:05we were going to try supplying both sides than the vietnamese people
30:09but the drugs were being killed by the soviet union however where they’re
30:12getting any materials from united states to help build yes uh… mini early
30:16nineteen seventies
30:17a new specifically off shipments of equipment into the coca-cola while the
30:20war was going on
30:22ritual effect work agents who is to build more trucks
30:26to be used
30:27but by the north vietnamese how about loans was america extending loans to the
30:32soviet union during this period
30:34when they were their primary financiers of the north vietnamese he has served
30:38beginning about nineteen seventy uh… there was a massive grant of loans so
30:42unionized se batao twenty seven two six of us to total
30:45perhaps forty million dollar forty billion dollar spokesman
30:48and this of this of course
30:50these loans were used to enable these silly union to purchase
30:54digestion equipment
30:56in united states and this additional equipment was used to manufacture in
31:00part military supplies which we used to teach the symbol
31:04about rushing shipping that was from being used to ferry supplies to north
31:08vietnam shipping is a very interesting example because the soviets publisher
31:11shipping register about uh…
31:12six thousand ships
31:14and i analyze every one of the ships so that both the which of the technology of
31:18the ship itself the whole and the injured most of the bombing diesel
31:23and i find it
31:24sixty percent of the soviet
31:26marginally which of course is mostly usefulness
31:28sixty percent
31:29was notable
31:31forty percent
31:31into so if you need that
31:33not it was to design
31:34but when you come to marine diesel engines you find something like a
31:38facility you find that eighty percent
31:40of the marine diesel engines
31:42in the soviet merchant ships
31:44uh… western engines burmeister mclane of covington
31:48copenhagen sorts switzerland
31:50he had a bit late
31:51cause that name has come up before
31:53but that the other twenty percent of marine diesel engines built in the
31:56soviet union built to west design
31:58under technical systems contract form sorts uh… end of the most unwanted
32:02so in effect
32:03there could be no soviet marginally
32:06without assistance from the worst
32:09how about the building to become a river plant
32:13campbell river
32:14was built in the late nineteen sixties early nineteen seventies the
32:18basic design
32:20the contract was led to the young
32:22italian from the fee
32:23turn humanity only speech on the board
32:26and uh… this is important because it really is tied in which has been
32:29tightened bank is only a international advisor committee at chase manhattan
32:34what caught my attention was that fear does not manufacturer
32:38automobile manufacturing equipment all of your constantly
32:43contain i’m going to come
32:46and one of the cold war most of that the equipment was coming
32:50perhaps about sixty seventy percent of home of the united states
32:54com major
32:55altman peeled equipment supplies united states
32:58see it was known as the few part of the company
33:02to perhaps divert attention from the fact that doing the vietnamese war
33:06we were building who looks is part of the world a costly six krummel’s
33:10we were building for the soviets with a military equipment who just pulled in
33:13the world and so it’s called the italian fearful and i think this was a blind
33:18and so they were building their trucks an armored personnel carriers and other
33:21things that could be used them for warfare and
33:24south vietnam women
33:26but that become a plot
33:28matric potential in nineteen seventy-two unloaded in national suicide
33:33and then
33:33i said as much in miami beach in nineteen seventy two
33:36just plant has moved to potential considers military vehicles
33:39we know it
33:40and of course to do in afghanistan we find that the comma
33:44political shit
33:45to the other in afghanistan today from the come upon
33:48but when i come on company time comes
33:50they were very few brought out this information the papers were made
33:53to suppress your book national suicide another study is yes because i was
33:57bringing out the fact that decom of a plan
34:00have known to potential that we were moving the missiles would leave on
34:04trucking go into the equipment
34:05because of the facts along these lines
34:07and what sort of pressure was brought to bear upon you know what sort of course
34:10was brought to bear upon the publisher of your book national suicide
34:13they uh… that was the pressure on the publisher
34:17prevent publication to stop publication confused to do so
34:22as pressure brought upon me first withdraw the book
34:25and then along the length deceitful sort of pressure
34:28it was claimed at the coop hoover institution
34:35pressurized financially of my western technology series which was being
34:39published by stanford university
34:41firstly challenge them a to point out the played resolution and nobody could
34:45find even two sentences that much tougher than i pointed out
34:48but i cannot play joys my homework i hold a copyright on both books
34:52and no way in the world connect later as myself
34:55does a logical impossibility
34:56and then gradually built up over the following years
35:00that my research was
35:02perhaps in doing a little out of
35:05walked was um…
35:07perhaps required all welcome could be a better word
35:10and it should be confined within more note
35:14and at that point in nineteen seventy five and that’s the google institution
35:17and since then i’ve become uh… an independent or fanatical but when i want
35:20to publish
35:21you know of any other instances where efforts were made to suppress
35:25publication of books to hoover institute
35:27i know one example
35:30one i was personally aware of the net
35:33was jewish and stand
35:35uh… operation q poll which is a one point book
35:39on the treatment of russian prisoners of war and germany after world war two this
35:42book was a manuscript for several years and he was not allowed to publish
35:47i heard that first headquarters
35:50try to negotiate was of course brought out it was that uh… now they are
35:55report and another example i think it is my own nuns
35:58wasn’t an auntie seriously silicone
36:01was holding gallons a one-year now because a lot of money to hold a book
36:05again is because one of a cousin gallons
36:06if you want to get out of the market the stock recouping investment
36:10that book was holding california because was not politically m
36:14wise acceptable to official at that time even though it was my phone book
36:18you’ve done some fascinating studies on the trilateral commission
36:21can you tell us about the trilateral commission
36:24recommittal commission there’s a part of it
36:27organization founded by david rockefeller a nineteen seventy three he
36:30was essentially ferment stood by him
36:33rockefeller sensible foundations captain conditioned and confrontation
36:37ford foundation
36:38thought conditions a very major contributor
36:41saying that
36:43the stated objective
36:45is to encourage discussion amongst what they call a trilateral legions
36:50we should point out that
36:52of the three hundred members
36:54one-third coconut states one click from japan and one-third from europe
36:57but in effect friend that the actions of the trilateral commission are very much
37:04self-interested on the part of the international banking committee new york
37:09now as far as the trilateral commissions influence on the american government is
37:14it’s been said that the there is a very
37:17excessive representation of the trial of a commission in jimmy carter’s
37:20cabinets and and jimmy carter’s administration excessive is rather than
37:25an understatement i think
37:26and some two hundred million people united states loose on the seven travel
37:30numbers a lot markham
37:31part of the seventy-seven
37:33account of the children eighteen
37:35trot out hot spots but
37:37one-third the trouble
37:39mercantile apple contingent turns up in the cargo ministration investcorp
37:43himself trailer homes mondale
37:45used the wrong
37:47defense blumenthall this branch of defense
37:50in other words that occupies all senior cabinet
37:53then sub-cabinet posts introduce anti-communist intelligence and defense
37:57which are forming comprised of trials
37:59so you’ve got seventy seven words
38:03but one man david rockefeller
38:04which i’m interested bank
38:06and we find that they turn up in the key controlling positions in washington
38:11under the carter administration
38:13throat with his suggestions that perhaps we do not select the
38:17governments that have been selected by these people who work behind the scenes
38:21you can come to a conclusion
38:23if you look today at who’s run for office to find mister bush’s struggled
38:27on the status of the struggle
38:29just cause
38:30we find articles appearing in newsweek magazine time magazine u_s_ news world
38:36many of the major media
38:38telling us is really nothing to be concerned about from the trilateral
38:41is there any of them are between the trilateral commission and the major
38:44media in the united states yes that is an interlock particularly in the uh…
38:50news media for example liam chicago sometimes the
38:53executive editor of them
38:55agent who he is set up a trial at all
38:57you’ll find uh… saw one which is a factor of time magazine
39:01and i think
39:02could be a certain sharp
39:05and shocked is a bit of c_b_s_
39:07so that i definitely is under the law between the trial apples and the media
39:13perhaps this is a reason and that they would rather play down the entrance to
39:16the trailer commission
39:19contemporary american government news i had a computer
39:22so they may need
39:24of uh…
39:24all articles that have been printed on the tunnel commission since nineteen
39:27seventy three
39:28i could find worldwide
39:29unsub between articles
39:31what was the relationship between the trilateral commission the council on
39:34foreign relations marcus council coalitions as much older organization
39:38founded in nineteen twenty
39:39how did the study
39:41in which high compared to
39:45with or without membership in the c_f_o_ custom combinations are fine as
39:48something of a fifty percent of the left

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