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posted by keeb January 18, 2013

Letter by a happy C-Realm podcast listener

“I really, really like Michael Tsarion, always have and probably always will. I also realize that there are those who don’t–kinda obvious don’t you think. And honestly, I’m fine with that, each person should be able to decide what/who moves them and what/who doesn’t. My concern is when these “dissenters” alter the way a guest is handled or portrayed. What I am trying to say is, I think you may have cut the session with Tsarion short last week to appease the naysayers and am afraid you might do the same this week. This would personally be very disappointing. I looked forward to the 3 weeks of Tsarion even if others can’t take 5 minutes of him.

I try to listen to the guest on yours and other shows with an open ear regardless of my personal opinions about them. Each speaker usually has a well thought out point and has backed up their efforts by authoring books (like Tsarion) and other venues for getting their ideas out (like podcasts and conferences, etc.) and though this doesn’t make them someone to be in awe of or blindly followed they do deserve credit for their work, efforts and scholarship. At least they have the courage to put themselves out there for criticism. Instead of catering to people who don’t like a certain guest, how about suggesting they write a few books, speak at several conferences, maybe make a good youtube video or DVD for sale and then you can have them on as a guest–better yet accept their displeasure with a guest selection but move on as you decided. The publishing/entertainment/education industries don’t eat people up because they actually have a large creature that “eats” people, instead people slowly conform to the wishes of others till there original vision is lost.

Maybe, I’m jumping the gun here a little, and if so, please accept my apologies. I love your show and look forward to it every week. It is one of several needed “intelligent conversations” I get each week.

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