Disciples of the Mysterium: An Inquiry into Selfhood

posted by keeb May 21, 2020

Michael Tsarion’s concept of “Mysteria” and our deep-set antipathy to Nature, provide us with intriguing and cogent explanations for age-old existential dilemmas. His radical theory on the origin of the ego is nothing less than a theory of pathology. Whether your interest in philosophical and psychological subjects is recent or long term, Michael’s analysis will enhance your understanding of yourself and the world you occupy. 

Interview at the ARC Conference, Bath, 2010.

From Introduction…

…Chapter One looks at the pros and cons of world philosophy. Have our world and minds improved due to the centuries-old questioning of existence and reality? Are we right to heed what others says about reality? Why are there so many antagonistic attitudes, beliefs and schools of thought? Is it because there is no single, all-encompassing answer to life’s mysteries, or because appropriate questions are not asked? Why are the answers to questions about existence so elusive? What are the differences between philosophy and psychology, reason and belief, mind and matter; and can we be certain about anything we see, think and feel? Will we ever solve the problems that beset us?

Chapter Two introduces a philosophical outlook I refer to as Objectionism. When taken seriously, this philosophy compels us to radically reevaluate what we know about consciousness and the process of philosophical investigation. I also introduce you to the basic tenets of Personalism. This philosophy has commonalities with Perspectivism, Relativism and Pragmatism, but goes beyond them, centering the Imperial Self, rather than the pseudo-self, at the heart of existence and reality.

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