Magnus Opus

posted by keeb October 21, 2015

When I reference in my writings that ‘you are the world’ it is a shorter way of saying what Rollo May, Carl Jung, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Martin Heidegger, Fredrich Schelling, Hegel and others have all alluded to which is, “Self implies world and world self; there is neither without the other, and it is understandable only in terms of the other.”

When an inner conflict is not made conscious it manifests in the outer world as an event, or fate. This psychology / philosophy room 101 can reveal itself in the body, in relationships, at home, in the workplace, it can arise in any environment and with multiple appearances the most common of which is allegorical. What we think of as ‘Self’ is actually a pseudo-self, culturally determined, indoctrinated from childhood, highly manipulated, collectivised in orientation and not sovereign. The Ego is a false suzerain that it constantly seeks power, cues, strokes and approvals. Buddhists have correctly pointed out that the ego has no real tangible existence, merely a thought generated construct. In a sense, as we presently understand, it is more correct to say that we are a non-Self since what we think of as ‘Self’ in today’s world is patently false. We equate ego with Self and to a large degree it is true. The world we create is a direct reflection of that falsity. The artificial environments of cities and towns are a reflection of our own artificiality, shopping malls and apartments serve to exclude nature and yet replicate her very laws and edicts; a perverse logic which encages us. The city walls and barriers that keep nature out also serve to lock us in. Our antipathy towards nature is ultimately antipathy towards the Self since the Self is nature. The appropriate response is to respond to the call of Being, a very private, unique and serious deconstructive affair. We come upon the true by eliminating what is false, an apophatic technique.

Schelling pertinently pointed out, “Nature is visible spirit and spirit is invisible nature”. The connection between Self (the real imperial Self) and world, Self and nature, Self and Existence must be made if we are to find abiding fulfilment and no longer feel the conflict of ego. We need to look at the world not as a Cartesian subject or some soul in a human body and instead see that we are purely of this world, we are borne from nature and our reason exists only because of our capacity to observe the ordinances of nature. Nature is the parent of thought and the underlying intelligence of evolution. Reason is the child of human existence, which itself is an emanation of nature. Our existence, our nature is the real investigation, the true philosophical Magnus Opus; quite unlike the intellectual castles in the air which we have worshipped like dogmas, future utopias and age-old philosophical cul-de-sacs. If viewed correctly and if attitude is astute, nature frees us. Nature is not just a recreation park to be used as escape from city life or a mechanical order to be studied, mastered, replicated, patented and owned. Nature is an awe-inspiring extension of Self. Its very wonder and raw beauty is ‘You’, you as ‘Artist’. When sensitive you (not we) animate what you see and Nature views itself through human perception, its topmost creation. The person who sees this is, embodies and imbibes it fully is Neitzsche’s superman. His famous ‘will to power’ is the deep and abiding commitment of will and fortitude to live this way, the authentic way against the tide of consensus trance.

Such an individual is undivided unpremeditated Art, the indivisible timeless Aeon. Being is not an ego state. She, the genderless Self, is nature. Nature is an emanation of its parent, Existence, the deep quiet silent eternal non-Self.

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