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posted by keeb December 14, 2015

It seems foolish to believe in rights for then one endorses a body to sanction those rights. The notion of love and freedom being sanctioned is somewhat absurd. Besides who is it for another person or a political body to grant you a right? These ideas are very important if one is suppressed psychologically which most of us are, unknowingly and unwittingly. Rights are very important for humankind, look what organisations we have created around them.

If there is to be a single right for every human being perhaps it should not just be the right to live free from physical suffering (which though vitally important is still a half measure) but rather the right to total existential bliss. This is the right of every new-born child entering the world. The world’s schools and institutions would be very different indeed, they would hardly exist at all. Crucially only you can grant yourself the actuality of existential bliss, that state of grace which comes into being in the un-mapping of one’s inner conflict. Tantric bliss cannot be sanctioned and therefore the notion of a ‘right’ is somewhat misplaced. There is no governing body in the universe, governments are constructs of human thought. The real work is to uncover what divides and separates you from the pinnacle of bliss. This to me is the primary investigation and the true meaning of success. It is self-independent, self-reliant and requires complete honesty.

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