State Education

posted by keeb September 6, 2013

Taken From C. Crowley’s Blog

The amount spent on State Education is huge, and it’s a very large part of the standard state economy. The state has a huge interest in maintaining that economy, as a form of leverage, because if one’s job (and mortgage or debt burden) is dependent on that income from that state education job, one is unlikely to challenge instruction sets handed down from Government. That’s what keeps much of the system in place. More than my job’s worth.

State Education is designed intentionally to undermine our innate independent critical thinking and questioning, – quite often, when an infant says why? they have already worked it out, and are merely checking in to see of the adult has also worked it out or genuinely seeking accurate information: this is natural behaviour – and this it does for the vast majority of people.

In other words, war would not be feasible (neither would Bank Bail outs, etc) without State Education as it is : a well informed, well educate, critical thinking population would NEVER vote for the kinds of people currently in Power, would NEVER accept the actions those in Power are taking, day in, day out, and would easily curtail their behaviour: General Strike. Tools Down. Game Over. Start again.

The people who have been so conditioned are not to be blamed for their being misinformed, lied to, or for being bored shitless by school, or worse demonised (ADHD, special needs, disruptive), and for giving up on sharing their exploration, insights and thinking.

They are to be helped. To be ‘educated’ again to think again for themselves, to lose their fear, to trust their insights, the loss of which was inculcated in so many little ‘gradings’ – fail, bad, poor, good, excellent, outstanding -throughout 12 years or so of schooling. Repetition, drip, drip, drip, drip … a technique, a method: to break the spirit and reform the child into a suitable behaviourally modified citizen and voter. Calling these folk names will not help the work we are engaged in.

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