The Attack on the Individual

posted by keeb June 19, 2020

Many people principally operate on the belief that power can be utilized ostensibly for the public good; that there is such a thing as good authority, even if we don’t have it now. Others tend to believe that power is by definition rotten and therefore should be minimised. The former is largely drawn on the idea that love can be cultivated. A genuine belief in learning positivity and translating this into movements and better institutions. The latter on the negation of what is not love, that to cultivate humility is to deny it: to instead work on one’s blind spots and root out the work of authority to unlearn what one has learned. An apophatic approach.

Metaphysics is primary to ethics and thus effective political discourse. But the unfortunate truth is most of us are woefully uninformed about this area of philosophy. Instead, we are filled with beliefs about the world; that it is primarily ‘just’ or ‘unjust’, and these go on to form our attitudes towards violence, bullying, poverty, and illness. Cognitive biases and logical fallacies drive some to accept poverty and state or corporate level abuse as regrettable but inevitable outcomes. The undeniable truth is that we have become so habituated to power disparities that we simply cannot see the true extent of it. We think we do. We quarrel endlessly over wealth inequalities in a political quagmire, and in this arena, the discussion is erudite and sharp. However, the true scope of the problem is in actuality so vast that we simply do not have the language to articulate it beyond a numb feeling of insecurity. And so what we all want, in response, is psychological security.

One’s experience of power in childhood will shape one’s sense of love, expressed in the formation of our neurological networks, our sense of identity. There is ubiquitous bullying at home, at school, and at work – an imposed cultural conditioning, outward stressors that affect family life – so much trauma happens to the human psyche that simply should not happen. Authentic nurture, that which should happen, largely does not because the system has been structured to deny it. It is ubiquitous and pervasive for every single one of us in ‘civilised society’; there are very few exceptions to the rule. We live in a totalitarian mercantile system where exile is all but impossible. The dollar is the whip. In fact, that is what the $ symbol means: ‘scourge’.

One could addend that our visceral experiences of power and our understanding of love largely determine our main approach to problem-solving.

Collectivism => that society is to blame and can fix
Individualism => that the individual is ignorant, one must work on one’s shadow, for the outer is a reflection of the inner.

An Anthropological Note

We are not discussing the harmonious liminal awareness of individualism and collectivism that arises when biological mandates are met, as seen in pre-conquest indigenous societies. “Civilization” based modes of cognition and epistemological thinking cannot comprehend and reconcile the rapport, solidarity, and empathy-based ways of life seen in pre-conquest tribal groupings. We simply do not have the vocabulary to describe observations of their simultaneously individualistic and collective–traits: for example, as in “the individualistic unified at-oneness” description of a group of boys out on a trail by an anthropologist. Such a description seems like a paradox, deeply incompatible and immiscible yet the observation is real. Indeed our observations are only paradoxical because of the limitations of our language, our syntax structures, word meaning, and language function that go on to form our systems of logic.

It has been postulated that in time immemorial human consciousness was shattered as its scission with nature was broken by strange internal voices, a deep trauma from exposure to conquest consciousness. To use coffee table psychology, you could call this the voice of the ego being heard for the very first time. Like the voice of an internal God, it would be utterly terrifying. As has been observed by anthropologists like E. Richard Sorenson, when pre-conquest societies do indeed come into contact with modern humans, with their concepts of name, space, possession, ownership, and status entering the psyche for the very first time, the consequences have been devastating. The accounts of group neurosis, psychosis, and delinquency have been witnessed and documented on all continents.

Now if this has been observed and recorded in the twentieth century by our finest anthropologists, it is logical to infer that similar events would have taken place across deeper history and the effects would have been comparable. As new truths shattered old, human behaviour changed fundamentally becoming more territorial, possessive, and aggressive. In the Mediterranean Basin centuries of slavery, violence, and war created a hideous inverted tree of psychological fragmentation, unresolved internal power disparities in the psyche transferred from generation to generation. In the Classical Period, this was placated by reasoned argument, the rationalistic processes that emerged from civilization consciousness, which was eventually formalized in the dialectic systems of Socrates and Aristotle. Yet the trauma remains and has since been repeated in multiple fashions across history. You only have to look outside to see what thought has done in the world. Tyrannical rulers, marauding barons, molested slaves, to the lingering effects of systemic racism and the omnipresence of walls, barriers, and fences which divide everything. Humanity has become, without a doubt, neurotic. The conflict is deeply existential within all of us, being both simultaneously individualistic and collective. It is this trauma that has led to the creation of the pseudo-self, with its hierarchical societal structures. Thus we have the collectivism of ‘civilization’ and individualism within ‘civilization’; the forms written above.

The Modern World

Collectivism has stemmed from religious roots, from the idea that love can be cultivated, to become what is systemic. The effect of this ubiquitous idea is clear to see, presented in the form of one aspect of the mind trying to control the other; with its distorted justifications like ‘must’, ‘should’ or ‘adjust’. This internal hierarchical power dynamic has gone on to form all of the outward power structures we see today. Cultivated love is the most visible feature of all the world’s major religions. Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, New Age’ism, and even Atheism. All agree and determine the idea that love is learned and practiced. Yet, we don’t seem to ever question it. Instead, a gross perversion has taken place. A collective abstract concept (a God, realm, constitution, state, or the idea of a fundamentally ‘just’ universe) is a fiction that has gained authority over its creator, over a real living thing. This is what we call being ‘Mysterium Possessed’. The entire world is mysterium possessed.

Individualism stems from Buddhism without the ‘ism’. From Buddha, Taoism and Shamanism correctly imbibed, which went on to influence thinkers like Krishnamurti and several major Western philosophers. Individualism is the process of undoing the obfuscations to love that we learn from society. Attachment theory explains how in childhood what we inherently are, which is ‘goodness’, is increasingly masked when certain biological mandates are not met. You could say when a preconquest consciousness is undone by a post-conquest way of life.

Modern psychologists cannot agree on a single measure of success, not one genuine yardstick for adults. How then can we expect psychology to fix our ills? Despite the abundance of psychological schools and therapy, we are more neurotic than ever. Psychology’s definition of normal development has traditionally placed emphasis on the individual, but it is the trauma of civilization that is causal. Being well adjusted to a profoundly confused and aggressive culture is no measure of health. Psychology locates the source of our frustration but offers little insight into what is our genuine perfection. The very presence of notions like ‘ought to’, ‘must’ or ‘should’ indicate the depth of the problem; that everything we do is rooted in fear. How then to break the cause and effect cycle of the collective and the individual? There has never been a greater need for a sincere philosophical approach that is not corrupted by a skewed metaphysics, which in turn skews our epistemology (our knowledge), and our ethics (what we understand of love and being).

Shamanism and philosophy must meet to form an idiographic discovery of what we are; or rather, what you are. Why is this important? The psychological causes of distress will be more clear and nomothetic actions can be implemented. The Establishment knows this all too well and is doing its very best to prevent it. Shamanism has always been a great leveler and clarifier and has been actively discouraged by the Vatican across history. The players have indeed changed – from clergy to king to banker – but the game is the same. The ruling class, with its polished veneer of respectability, will do whatever it takes to protect its hegemony. Nothing is off-limits. Today, violence is a state of exception so long as power remains unchallenged. When it is challenged, it never hesitates.

Along came the internet and with it a real danger. As the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission famously remarked

For the first time in history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. Global activism is generating a surge in the quest for cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world scarred by memories of colonial or imperial domination.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

This was a warning. The power elite responded from their little black book of tricks with increasing frequency, validating their authority by the solutions they can offer, but new movements noticed their methods, protocols, and reasoning with increasing discernment. With the dollar on the brink of a confidence crisis (Fractional Reserve Banking only works if people still believe in it) and the realisation that their neck has been exposed, this brings us forward to the present moment.

2020: The Attack on the Individual.

Institutions are destroying mankind.

J. Krishnamurti

Independent sources of sustenance allow freedom of thought from the ’embedded growth obligation’ of collective institutions; from two generations of compromised academics, doctors, journalists, management, and politicians who cannot speak out of line from the organizations they work for. While the majority of ordinary folk still have a ‘Planet of the Apes’ type of faith in government and media, a manufactured consent where people not only deny the presence of mass hypnosis (or that they may indeed be under it) but are in denial of their denial that these behavioural psychology programs even exist. Those who are aware of what is happening to them, who can see the propaganda, are also confused. They do not realize that their activism is being used against them. Every dirty signal they make, spreading disinformation thinking it is information, muddies the water for everybody. The disinformation is both deliberate and dangerous. Donald Trump, with his sophisticated team, is a propagator and he does it very well. The polluting of the information ecology creates inaction. Imagine Scuba diving in a quarry. There are so many diverse opinions it is difficult for many to swim, let alone navigate. Where is there evidence we can trust? It is a genuine question. Without evidence, the grassroots are powerless. Hands are tied and suffering continues.

A dynamic of conflicting opinions and beliefs now dominate online discourse; a product of the newly emerged identity politics – with its wielding of stigma – and the AI algorithms of Facebook and Google micro-targeting news feeds and internet searches according to pre-existing beliefs. These patterns are organised to create stimulation of our hormones and are analyzed by teams in real-time to send you digital intimations of opinion and misrepresentation to mask your understanding of the news. Our confirmation biases provide us with dopamine and adrenaline rushes and so we naturally orientate our thoughts accordingly. When we disagree with our peers, cortisol stressors are released creating the polarization of discourse. Hooked on social media and in the depths of a pandemic, people are arguing more than ever. The neuro-hacking aspects of the Silicon Valley giants have very real implications for our sense-making. Is this by design? A product of intent? Or is it the simple by-product of 21st-century business models? The actuality is a bit of both.

There are things which seem easier to prove that they are true than to prove that they are false and regressive left-wingers rather believe them to be true even when they know that they are false.

There are things which are hard to prove that they are false or true but regressive right-wingers rather believe that they are true just by knowing that they have not been proven false.

Ulysses Alvarez Laviada.

The media, by definition a collective enterprise, conflates moderates with the extreme by reporting mostly on the extreme. Those who tend to believe the official narrative, see those who question it as alt-right / conTheory / constitutionalists or hard left loonies. A grooming tactic to promote the bullying of the herd. Step out of line, even with thought rather than a deed, and one is soon lambasted. Have you noticed the new Covid-19 memes which control behaviour?

We are all in this together. These are unprecedented times.

This is the new normal. Stay Home – Stay Safe.

When we say “We are all in this together“, we quickly bully those who dare to question consensus because we have the power of the herd behind us. We are so eager to police each other’s opinions because inside we still have the urge to power, that unresolved neuroticism. This becomes a ubiquitous presence because it tends to appear in the guise of good, especially with a deadly virus on the loose. Philosophers such Hannah Arendt refer to this as the banality of evil. William Godwin of the famous law on discourse said, “Everything understood by the term co-operation is in some sense evil.” Both were talking about the dangers of Groupthink. The presence of the virus has aggravated our emotional triggers and lowered our bullshit filters as outward stressors begin to bite. ‘Regular’ people may have lost confidence in the government due to recent hypocrisies, and many activists are still unclear because of confirmation biases, unreliable sources, and ‘fog of war’ timelines commonly overlooked in present arguments. And when the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th waves of the pandemic strike authority will blame us, having deliberately muddied the discourse; disguising malice as incompetence. When we say “they”, as in power, who or what are ‘they’? We will come to that.

Hannah Arendt – Philosopher and Holocaust Survivor

To present reality as it is and not as power represents it is indeed the most genuine subversion.

Jean Francois Brient

However, why do you believe yourself to know? Where is it that you think you know best what others need to do? Can you be sure? Which experts can you trust? Society is lying about virtually everything almost all of the time. The implications are bound to be far-reaching.

For example, we have been so pre-occupied with the necessary collective action to protect the vulnerable against Covid-19 that we have largely ignored the destruction of independent businesses (8 million workers in the UK alone – 3 million completely unsupported, billions of workers worldwide), a representation of genuine autonomy away from complete dependency on the system. Remember earlier what we said about independent sources of sustenance. Now remove that (41% of small businesses will unlikely reopen), and what do you think will happen to freedom of thought? The critical thinkers are drowning, yet the guise of good remains. The virus, which no rational person denies is a very real danger, is a moral check-mate. Utterly dependent, we celebrate every ‘crumb’ handed to us; $1200 in the US, the UK furlough scheme, and now the new ’empathy-based’ politics being introduced at the World Economic Forum. They are, in truth, just token gestures.

The very fact that both the UK and USA governments opted not to eradicate the virus, which was achieved in just 12 weeks in both Vietnam and New Zealand, should be indicator enough that something is not right. They failed the acid test. Total eradication is easy to finance next to the cost of Trident. Any sane person could have told you that this would be by far the most effective approach, and this is without a moral discussion on what is most humane or empathic – what we pride ourselves to be our ‘collective values’. Instead, we were told to go back to work, for the kids to go back to school, for infected elderly to be returned into care homes, for the airports to remain open without quarantine or a criminal lack of PPE in the NHS. The de-preparation of the UK and the USA to the pandemic is overwhelming. It is clear the intention was to always pump the breaks. The question is why? Please park that for one moment.

What I have seen at the World Economic Forum is a smart play on words. We are so primed listening to imbecile politicians we feel genuine excitement when an eloquent politician comes along saying something even remotely resembling the truth, and when we elect them (like Blair or Obama) they deliver the opposite. The grand promises and empty pockets are always the same and when there is change it is superficial. Why do they fail to deliver on their word? What is really going on? Why is it that we fall for this over and over at the ballot box? It never occurs to us that hope itself is part of the problem.

The new hope (and soon to be presented fix) is ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ with its glossy system of stakeholder capitalism. Yet the system itself denies long term strategies for those who are oppressed. Power is still there. Power requires outward stressors. It is necessary for the relationship between the exploiter and the exploited. These stressors take multiple forms.

The opportunistic use of the Covid-19 crisis has been a masterstroke. It makes one wonder whether there was intent behind all of that gain-of-function (animal passage) research, which has not been excluded by even the best medical journals. You see: Accelerated Natural Selection is indistinguishable from Natural Selection. We hear Covid-19 was not spliced in a lab and that fact is true. Most leave their investigation right there: Part 1 of Ulysses Alvarez Laviada’s quote. What is reported is certainly truthful, but is it representatively true? We are not logical enough to distinguish that indeed two questions are being asked here. What is also true, and has been conveniently silenced, is Covid-19 attaches to ACE2 receptors in humans better than any other animal, a most unusual finding. Highly irregular next to outbreaks of the past.

Now, Kalamas, don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, ‘This contemplative is our teacher.’ When you know for yourselves that, ‘These qualities are skillful; these qualities are blameless; these qualities are praised by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to welfare & to happiness’ — then you should enter & remain in them.

Illustration of the structure of the Tractatus

Examine your sense-making. Observe evidence from all angles, including every possible motive, conflict of interest, and inconsistency. What are your logical forms? What is the logical response of one concept in conjunction to, or against another? You have to think like a philosopher. Are you creating more signal and less noise in the information ecology? How do I filter out the agendas of others? How do I operate without an agenda? The very fact that I would to see a result in my lifetime indicates a bias. Can you be completely unattached? Can you act with 100% self-honesty? This is shadow work.

Good research example:

Do you think your research is good research? Most of us think so. We read a news story, look it up on Google, look at some peer-reviewed papers in medical journals (non-profit sites like WebMD). Then we look on social media to gauge the reaction, maybe a fact-checking website or two and finally, we go to Wikipedia for an overall review. We consider this conscientious sense-making. It is NOT. It is woefully insufficient epistemology. What you are seeing may be truthful but is NOT wholly true. More money is now spent in this field than on corporate lobbying. Here is how it works in a 15 minute TED talk. Will this change the way you research? Will this change the way you look at our most trusted institutions? You may concur but as soon as that institution puts out a paper you agree with you will likely disseminate that without a second thought.

In this eye-opening talk, veteran award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how ‘astroturfing’, or fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages, public consensus of scientific studies, and thus your opinions and decision making.

Even if you are due diligent, you will then be gaslighted for speaking out; stigmatized by a collective in consensus trance. How confident are you of your signal? Astroturfing is the phenomenon by which genuine evidence-based grassroots movements are co-opted by power structures with multiple agendas, as we move from neo-liberalism into the larger agenda of stakeholder capitalism – the next phase of capitalism. It is virtually unstoppable because most of us cannot trust our own sense-making. Everybody has a different opinion and from that, we act. Most of us do not have the temperance of pause, to get to the evidence. Conflict ensues. As we bicker relentlessly, fully distracted, by slow dint you have fewer and fewer rights. The new Coronavirus and CARES Acts are in place and, just like Patriot Act of yesteryear, Statutory Instruments (SIs) chip and chip away at your rights with no Parliamentary oversight until there is virtually nothing left. Protests are banned, your movements are now openly tracked with the data stored for 20 years for any organisation working towards COVID solutions. Edward Snowden warned of this at the beginning of the year.

Why on Earth would anyone want this level of control? It is systemic. Power is a nebulous force. Necessity is the mother of invention. We live in unprecedented times we have been trained to believe. Yet ‘they’, the ‘they’ we were referring to earlier, are highly organized with behavioural insight teams, or Nudge units, who work hand-in-glove with the media; even in the depths of a pandemic, there has been chorus line of propaganda sweeping towards us. Do you see the paradox? A logical response to this question is to look at motives and the depth of planning.

Keynesian Economics ==> Neo-liberalism ==> Stakeholder Capitalism.

It is a very simple plan. 50 years in the making. A corporate takeover.

Here is how they are doing it

  • Kill the economy. Classic ‘Shock Doctrine’
  • Destroy independent enterprise
  • Decimate the middle class
  • Create financial dependency
  • Spread disinformation
  • Destroy critical thinking
  • Steer grass-root movements
  • Neo-Liberalism reset
  • Present Stakeholder Capitalism solutions

Prerequistes: EU Vaccination Passports. Universal Digital ID. Blockchain.

This is not incompetence. It is undeniably deliberate. At best, opportunistic. At worst, the speed and efficiency of how quickly this has been gamed and implemented make one wonder about the true origins of the Coronavirus.

The World Economic Forum did not produce this in the last 3 months. It is years and years of work, being implemented now. Click this link to see how deep this work goes.

Power operates psychopathically. That reality of deductive reasoning is a base understanding which helps clarify perception. Power has built a comprehensive superstructure in both the real and cyber worlds and this promotes culturally embedded psychological limitations. Political grooming is commonplace and ‘perspecticide‘, which is defined as the active deconstruction and manipulation of popular perception, is the common goal. Exploiting cognitive dissonances at an intimate level and then at scale through algorithms, the disinformation strategies of power render grass-root projects powerless. Without clear information signals, the grassroots cannot galvanise. Indeed power has rendered them powerless by simply turning up the noise.

Rather than shutting down dissenting voices, these leaders have learned to harness the democratizing power of social media for their own purposes—jamming the signals, sowing confusion. They no longer need to silence the dissident shouting in the streets; they can use a megaphone to drown him out. Scholars have a name for this: censorship through noise.

Mckay CoppinsArticle

Most recognise how traditional banking may have influenced a politician or two, or maybe even a whole political party, but today the real power is in Hedge Funds steering entire elections and central banking, international transaction and settlement systems steering entire economies. Democracy exists in name only. It is, in truth, a plutocracy. A syndicate that has legitimized itself across the centuries from plundering despots to CEOs hiding in the shadows with their expensive suits cleaned in the City of London money launderettes. You could call London bankers ultra Conservatives and their Silicon Valley counter-parts the far-left. Again that is just a trap to pull you into left-right politics. Power is power. Anything that is hierarchical is power and power by nature is deceptive; power pretends to be your friend and it gaslights you if you call it out. It dirties a word and then labels you with it. No person is immune. And its greatest wish is to make more and more people vulnerable.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.


Do you see the play? Do you see the chessboard? While you play the political game, playing left or right, you are a frog not paying attention to the boiling water all around you. Your independence and autonomy are being taken away as you read this. Even your resistance is being used against you. The UK and USA governments’ deliberate attempt to misinform, to spread the virus and blame the people does not mean that the virus no longer exists. It is not logical to conflate the biology of a virus with conflicted government advice. The stance of ‘freedom is not wearing a mask’ has played directly into their hands. New infection waves are coming; they have got the mandate they want. The hard philosophy of this is a collective abstract concept has gained authority over a real living thing (the virus). We take collective abstract concepts more seriously because we have been groomed that way.

What is this power and where is it? Remember the executive, corporation or bank is frontward facing. At the rear are real people. Real people collude in clubs, in societies, in old-boy networks, in revolving doors. What could possibly bind so many people together? Fealty is pledged. Obedience is demanded. Betrayal is a death sentence. The same method has been employed throughout history only today it is infinitely more subtle and ‘respectable’. The point is, as soon as you say ‘they’ without acknowledging the paradoxes, you are logically inconsistent.

This is the secret war that is taking place in consciousness, the Hegelian Dialectic at work. It is about power and what is personal sovereignty in all of its shapes and forms. Power is undone by the negation of what is false. Yes, by reducing outward stressors but more importantly by undoing the hierarchical conflict within; or more specifically, the controller and the controlled aspects of your mind. The race war has demonstrated just how much work many of us still have to do in this regard. Indivisibility is, therefore, the primary work and if done correctly the collective will fix itself more freely. The tender care of infants as the focus of a sustainable economy with permaculture production systems, the emotional development and well-being of children without competitive environments, and an understanding of the biological effects of stress on all humans where time is valued equally. But our problems continue because most of us refuse to do our shadow work. We are blinded by justifications learned from an unhealthy society.

A moral to this story is: Don’t be a cog in the collective machine. For then you are destroying the information ecology and with it individual consciousness. You are destroying yourself and propagating inward corruption. As was said at the beginning, the true scope of the problem is in actuality so vast that we simply do not have the language to articulate it. And if this is not done, one will be simply be carried along by promises of a better future. All knowledge comes tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow; never today. There are an infinite number of things to know and finite lifespan in which to achieve it. Thus, knowledge becomes a collective enterprise; a chain of faceless scientists working towards an unreachable goal, with total disregard for the individual. Our logic appears sound, it is not. It is woeful because we do not understand metaphysics.

Listen very carefully and look beyond the shiny veneer of the video above. Read between the lines and you will see that this represents the end of truly individual consciousness.

The Great Reset as discussed at the World Economic Forum this year. The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A collectivist’s vision of the future. As humanity remains, as ever, mysterium possessed, shifting from religion to technology with its glossy promises, so too does humanity become further removed from the Imperial Self, which is Nature — something our preconquest forebearers knew only too well. We are being lured by the idea of ‘oneness’ and ‘the global village’ augmented by Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Schmachtenberger, Tsarion, and many other philosophers acknowledge the real dangers presented by AI and IoT for Selfhood; not just inwardly but outwardly too. We are not bashing the technology but rather warning about the levers which operate it. What do you think your VR and AR world will look like? Or the blockchain digital monetary system connected to your ID2020 iris scan identity which embeds with your EU vaccination passport? Decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin—that are beyond the influence of Sovereign Governments—will not be allowed to survive. Governments have long since been compromised to the will of the banks. A non-elected corporate group will have complete control over your financial rating and digital citizen score. Upset the ‘respectable’ Establishment by opposing the tyranny of collectivism and they can turn you off or lower your score. As we are seeing in Sweden and China, it is now very difficult to function independently of the system. Cash is dirty now, it carries the ‘germ’. Total domination of communication exchange, movement, and transaction is the logical conclusion of power. It is a genius plan, truly psychopathic. This is why so few of us understand it or even consider it remotely possible.

Power has identifiable individuals who should rightfully be tried for crimes, but ultimately our corporate overlords are faceless. Are you going to try a member of the Establishment in a court sworn to uphold the Establishment? That is why they are so bold and blasé, the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Blairs – all servants to their paymasters. Remember, the Aldo Moro assassination case which captivated the whole of Europe in the late 1970s? The perpetrators got off scot-free; one of them even won the Nobel Peace Prize. Even if we can create a case in a court that is not theirs, even if we are successfully achieving some justice like at Nuremberg, do you honestly think the ideology of superiority – ‘that the plebs must be ruled’ – will have been defeated?

Yes, it is symbolic to cut off a couple of Hydra’s snakeheads? Hydra is still alive. There is always a new cog, a new CEO, or politician to replace the last. This is the tyranny of hope; the political mud pit. This is the wrong fix. The fix is to starve the Hydra by making it obsolete. 75 years after Nuremberg, bullying has resurfaced very prominently back in the public domain. The Allies were never the good guys. Western financiers funded their own enemies. The Allies sent high ranking Germans to Argentina after the war. Churchill and Eisenhower starved a million Germans POWs and civilians after 1945. We should be thankful to the history scholars who gave their lives to reveal that this struggle could be older than the public record. Failure to honour their work, and with it those who have suffered, marks the end of the human spirit.

This is the vision the shaman across the centuries have marked, as we slide into a technocratic corporate dystopia. When this vision was spoken about in 2008 by certain scholars, many laughed. I was there, one of the first ‘outsiders’ in what is a thankless task. 2020 is an opportunity, a nexus point with more eyes wide open than ever, the first major conflict between collectivism and individualism to steer the direction. Success and failure is not the actual goal, what truly matters is the affirmation of your own sanity. Only a philosopher is capable of such a realisation because a true philosopher is not outwardly possessed. His compassion is truth, the truth of our habituation to hierarchical violence, and from that comes empathy.

Learn about stakeholder capitalism as discussed at Davos. It is a system in which corporations are oriented to serve the interests of all their stakeholders. Among the key stakeholders are customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and local communities. It all looks lovely and shiny on the outside. Democracy will be nothing more than a facade, to give you the illusion of freedom. You will have noticed by now that the system has designed itself to absorb all outer-directed efforts such as protests and counter-movements. Indeed, most movements that exist today are coopted and backed.

Familiarise yourself with Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, who wrote the outline structure of this back in 1971. Implicit agreement of this ideology is to accept vast wealth disparities as a natural outcome. Imagine the following scenario, if you will, with the complete privatization of public utilities.

Think corporate schooling, GSK medical centres, University industrial branches where their patents are monetized – Harvard industries, CalTec Technologies, Cambridge English Language centres. Emirates transportation systems. Microsoft Blockchain digital IDs. G4S corporate police forces and prisons. Google Analytics tracking your every eye movement, every research path when wearing VR goggles. Apple AR with its personalised digital layers merging with the outside world on its next-generation devices, priming humanity for early-stage transhumanism. A corporate takeover of the pubic sector, a fusion of corporatocracy with the government where the lines are so blurred that in actuality it is the technocrats who rule.

All presented in conjunction with Greta style / Extinction Rebellion type movements with their veracious ideals on human rights, pollution, healthcare, work systems, digital IDs, and pandemic vaccinations, which only the corporations have the capacity and capability to solve.
The CEOs and big-wigs who philanthropically finance these movements do it personally for the pride of contribution; for who can resist playing God. And collectively, they ultimately serve another purpose; namely Stakeholder Capitalism, the larger agenda. That is their fealty pledge.

On the surface it looks like it is designed to cement their position and influence, acting as a means to disguise the gargantuan wealth disparities of shareholder capitalism which the left-wing press and younger generations will no longer tolerate. Indeed, there will be a spring clean and a glossing over of the cracks; new salary and share option caps for CEOs, progressive taxation, corporations paying their fair share, and better working conditions for the slave (maybe a 4-day week). Taught to live on crumbs, our anger will be placated and we will see this as progress. But spiritually we will be bereft, our bodies shot and minds vapid. The true individual, the threatening philosopher who can expose rather than the petty anarchist who will rebel, will no longer exist. Anarchists are no concern, not one jot. Protests outside empty buildings, the expending of energy in controlled dissipation zones, justifies the need for protection; the modern-day equivalent of a strong arm to maintain order. What is a genuine concern, what has been whitewashed across all sectors of life, is access to undeniable metaphysics; the parent of thought itself.

That is where the true power is. This is what the Buddha said.

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