The Transcension Hypothesis

posted by keeb August 15, 2012

This ecstatic rant was edited by Kathleen Lakey, from TheLakeySisters…

What happens after the Singularity? THE TRANSCENSION HYPOTHESIS by John Smart offers an account of what comes after the technological singularity, also accounting for FERMI’S PARADOX….. Basically after our technological adolescent and expansionist explorations, we turn from outer space to inner space… our journey undergoes S.T.E.M. compression, the compression of Space, Time, Energy and Matter- until non biological minds live inside virtual worlds at the nano and femto scale, further compressing complexity until we create black hole-like conditions and disappear from the visible universe-
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Transcension Hypothesis

Comment by Keeb
What is interesting is the proposition of nano intelligence living inside living tissue, interdependent with life in this dimension. a symbiotic exploration of experience for the purpose of the accumulation of knowledge. It gives new scope to Liebniz’s theory of the universe being made of monads (an almost infinity of metaphysical points – or soul’s to use old terminology) all in communication with one another. what is complex is made out of what is simple and the ultimate simple components of the complex are the real constituents of the universe. what occupies space is the extended, therefore divisible and complex as opposed to unextended, indivisble and simple. what is simple is not material but mental or pure intelligence. This is quite different from Spinoza’s theory of the physical universe as wrinkles in a cloth or waves on an ocean of wholeness. To quote my friend Core Luminous “biodiversity Science, as it looks at microbiology and phyto-chemistry with ever greater resolution, is discovering that the patterns and connections are practically all there is.” Indeed the deeper we probe into nature what we find are only these relationships between hubs. To me this is what future DMT navigation should be examining, and from experience appears to reveal.

Fermi Paradox

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