posted by keeb October 8, 2015

I like the line of thinking Sam Harris is putting forward here – despite not agreeing with his chosen example – re-appropriating the meaning we attribute to certain words and how words become loaded over time. This idea is interwoven throughout my own work with words such as – meditation, scepticism, virtue, fear, love, spirituality, tantra, religion, sacredness, evil, victims and many others words. The idea is to clearly define an intended meaning before their use in certain chapters so that we are walking together and seeing the same things together.

For example, i assert:
– meditation is not control or silence, it is clarity
– scepticism is openness and critical thinking
– virtue is to see clearly, not conform to a precept of morality
– fear is the flight from ‘what is’, it cannot exist in isolation
– love is not cultivated, a product of thought
– spirituality is a vague, out there, uplifting naive sense of romanticism devoid of real psychological deconstruction
– religion means the search for origin, to look back
– dogma a nonsense, nothing invented by thought is sacred
– evil is not a force rather a state of confusion, the product of emotional blindness
– we are survivors and when clear can thrive, not victims
– tantra is not sex, although it can happen in sex (not exclusive to it)

Remembering all the time the caveat ‘the word is not the thing’

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